WiseManCAx © LTD :: WiseMan Computer Aided eXchange (All purpose) systems § Best Quality Lessons

WiseManCAx © LTD :: WiseMan Computer Aided eXchange (All purpose) systems § Best Quality Lessons

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English Language - No Grammar needed

No Grammar needed 😉

English Language

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Which equation gives the correct answer?

Which is the correct answer?

English Language

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A little Humor, Satire and Fun!

A little Humor, Satire and Fun!

English Language

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“The mission of every follower of Christ is to be a PeaceMaker.”

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Lessons, Coursses and Advices:

For Beginners, Advanced and Experts. All divided into categories:
1. Beginners – from the very beginning (level “I have not heard and seen “such an animal”).
2. Advanced – for those who have enough knowledge and skills to start working.
3. Experts – for those who want to become a Senior.
(Disclaimers and Notes: This is not a place for “Religious disputes”.)


Reviews of satisfied customers.

I graduated from an English language school, but I was worried about how to find a job in England for the summer season.
I have received important information about “before” and “after” Brexit.

Maria Ivanova
Мария Иванова


I study “Computer Technologies and Systems”, but I didn’t know how to make my own website… Because “this is not learn in school”.
(Learn to Earn!!!)

Elena Petrova
Елена Петрова

Website Designer

I never liked working from 9 to 5 and always dreamed of having my own business. That’s why I was looking for a business coach to give me guidance on how to do it.
(Entrepreneurship – Business – Assignor vs Contractor)

Eva Petkova
Ева Петкова

Business Entrepreneur

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